Fender FA-100 Review: The “Jack-Of-All-Trades” Starter Acoustic Guitar I Still Play Over 10 Years Later…

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Why The Fender FA-100 Is Not Your Usual Beginner’s Guitar…

Fender FA-100 Natural Finish

Axel B. here

And it’s funny because over my 10 years of playing acoustic guitar, I’ve amassed quite a collection of guitars, some ranging upwards of $1000.

But despite all that, I always find myself reaching for my FA100 starter guitar.

It just feels right – almost like its become another appendage  or something.

Because of that… if you’re a beginner… this guitar is the best choice to start with in my opinion.

Here’s why you can’t go wrong with the Fender FA-100:

The Sound Quality Is So Good, Even Professional Musicians Use It While On Tour!

OK… so it might not be flashy enough for a big-name celebrity artist to use on stage…

But you can bet this is the one they’re using to mash out a next big hit while on the road tour between gigs..

It’s like your versatile workhorse – and amazes me how it can still hang with my more expensive $500 and $1000 acoustic guitars after all this time!

Its Easy To Play Action Will Literally Help You Learn Faster

Fender FA-100 PriceSo many dreadnought acoustics in this price range have terrible actions that make learning difficult..

The FA-100′s action is very easy to play and your fingers will thank you for getting it…

..Trust me, mine have taken a beating after all of the years of guitar classes at public school..

Practicing sure is a lot easier when you don’t have little bloody nubs for fingers

The FA-100 Stays In Tune Much Longer Than Most Beginner Guitars

FA-100 Black Dreadnought ReviewYou’ll save countless hours of time collectively while practicing with your FA-100 because it stays in tune for days

Most beginner acoustics out there for under $100 fall out of tune very quickly which becomes a huge headache..

The Die-cast tuners that Fender uses make this guitar reliable for the many years you’ll be playing it.

Here’s What Other People Are Saying About the Fender FA-100:

I have been playing guitar for over 50 years and have played and owned some of the best acoustics on the market and I am totally taken back with the great quality, sound and playability of my new FA-100…

..This guitar is not just for beginners….it plays much better than 90% of the high end guitars that I have played over my lifetime…“ – Michael

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This truly is a beautiful guitar. It sounds great…I’ve been wanting a black acoustic to add to my collection. For 100 bucks you cannot beat it!

I would recommend for any level of guitarist, but strongly recommend for the beginner and intermediate player. GREAT DEAL for a Fender! “ – John D.

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I bought this as a gift for my wife’s birthday and we are both very happy with it. I know what sounds good and this guitar sounds good.  You can’t beat the price, especially being a Fender.“ -Derrek

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FA-100 Pros

  • Stays in tune much longer than other beginner acoustic guitars
  • Sounds great with a warm resonant tone
  • Easy to play guitar neck
  • Includes gig bag case to keep your FA-100 protected
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  • Eventually need to upgrade strings – A new set of Fender light strings will vastly improve the sound quality and make it easier to play.

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Fender FA-100 Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is the Fender FA-100 a good guitar for beginners?

Answer: I definitely think so because it’s so inexpensive. Even if you decide guitar isn’t for you, you’re only out $100. It’s also pretty easy to play so it’s great for beginners to learn on.

Question: What type of guitar do I buy?

Answer: I’m a strong believer that beginners should start on acoustics so they can learn to play the basics cleanly. The dreadnoughts like the FA-100 are great because they are more comfortable to play in my opinion.

Question: What color acoustic guitar should I get and why?

Answer: The FA-100 can come in a few different colors: sunburst, black, or natural finish. I prefer the sunburst personally because it’s a little bit less common.

Question: How can I tell what Guitar is the right one for me?

Answer: Chances are if you’re asking this question then you’re a beginner. You can’t go wrong with the FA-100 because it gives you such a great bang for your buck.

Question: What accessories should a beginner buy to make learning to play guitar less of a hassle?

Answer: There’s a good number of accessories that I can recommend, why don’t I make a section for it right below:


Recommended FA-100 Accessories

Jamorama Online Guitar Lessons – Learn To Play Your Fender Acoustic Guitar

learn to play acoustic guitar with jamoramaUse the world renowned “Jamorama” Acoustic Guitar online training program to learn to play like a pro… faster that you ever thought possible.Some students become proficient (good enough to impress) within a week of starting the program. Click here to learn how to play your FA-100… at an accelerated rate… by starting Jamorama today.

Fender 351 Celluloid Premium Guitar Picks, 12 Pack, Abalone Medium

  Fender Guitar PicksThese are great picks for the FA-100 that’ll last a lifetime, just don’t lose them!

Jim Dunlop Guitar Capo

Jim Dunlop Guitar CapoA Durable Capo that’ll help give you that unique sound and make you stand out fast

On Stage Guitar Stand

On Stage Guitar StandAn easy access guitar stand will keep your guitar safer than having it leaned up against a wall.Plus it looks cool. Get yours here.

Snark SN-2 All Instrument Clip On Chromatic Tuner

Snark SN-2 TunerThis thing is the easiest tuner to use for beginners. It’s worth every penny.Get your SN-2 Here