My Seagull S6 Original Review: Does The S6 Really Give A Beginner the Best Bang for Their Buck?

Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar ReviewThere were two things about the Seagull S6 Original that immediately caught my eye:

One: It’s made in Canada (not some Chinese piece of junk like most other guitars under $500)

Two: Seagull is owned by Godin Guitars, who make beautiful guitars that can cost thousands of dollars.

So that begs the question, does the S6 Original really play and sound like it has a thousand dollar pedigree?

Keep reading below to find out and see why both beginners and experts alike are going absolutely nuts about the S6!

The S6’s Easy to Play Action has me impressed and I’ve been playing guitar for over 12 years

Just to be clear: I’ve been playing electric guitar for over 12 years, but I’m still sort of a beginner at playing acoustic…

That being said, I was looking around for a good starter guitar that wouldn’t ravage my bank account.

Most of the beginner guitars I’ve encountered have been totally unplayable… I’m talking like, strings resting almost an inch over the frets unplayable.

My wrist has taken quite a beating from playing guitar as long as I have, so that really makes me appreciate the action on the S6 that much more!

The strings sit right over the frets so it’s not all that much strenuous than playing on an electric guitar…

…I’d never imagined that I’d be able to play fast leads on an acoustic like this!

The S6 definitely sounds like it costs way more than $400Seagull S6 Acoustic Guitar

It’s a lot easier for you to check out for yourself from my video, but the S6 is honestly incredible sounding for the price (no hyperbole here I promise!)

I was honestly shocked because most of these lower end guitars really compromise on sound because they try to use cheaper woods and materials

The S6 Original has a Pressure Tested Solid Cedar Top, Canadian Wild Cherry Body, and Silver Leaf Maple Integrated Set Neck

I’m no Dendrologist, but these give the it a warm, rich, and robust tone that can easily be used for both practicing and playing small gigs alike!

You can tell Seagull takes a lot of pride in the S6 by talking about how it’s made of “Silver Leaf Maple” and “Canadian Wild Cherry”…

…most other beginner acoustics just say they’re made of “Maple”, which to me doesn’t say a whole lot about what a guitar is made out of.

Last but not least, the S6 Original stays in tune for days

I have to say, it was quite a relief to see how well the S6 stays in tune…

…and I’m not talking about playing for a few minutes and putting it down, I’m talking about heavy usage and practice for hours

A lot of cheaper guitars out there have terrible tuning machines that constantly slip, which results in a guitar that won’t stay in tune

I’ve put the S6 through a lot over the past couple of months so I can personally attest that it will stay in tune as well as any guitar out there.


Seagull S6 Original Pros

  • Easy to play action makes this guitar ideal for beginners that are still learning and are still working on establishing finger strength
  • Variety of woods combine to create a beautiful sounding guitar that won’t disappoint
  • Stays in tune well unlike many other cheaper beginner guitars
  • Comes in a variety of color options
  • Comfortable size that makes practicing for hours a much more enjoyable experience

Seagull S6 Original Guitar ReviewSeagull S6 Original Cons

  • More expensive than a lot of beginner guitars, but definitely worth it
  • Some people might not like the way the head stock looks (personal preference)
  • I recommend a change of strings from the factory set as soon as possible to really make the S6 shine


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Here’s what made ultimately made me pull the trigger – Check out what other guitarists are saying about the Seagull S6 on Amazon (4.7 out of 5 Stars with over 125 Reviews!)


“As a beginning guitarist, I wanted an instrument I could learn and grow with. Something I could keep for years to come…

…So far it’s been perfect.”

Sarah (Review paraphrased for size)


“I finally decided to get a decent guitar after years of trying to play an unplayable instrument.

I’d heard that the S6 is an excellent beginner’s guitar and it has arrived and sounds great…

…It’s very resonant and has a nice action, and the construction is beautiful.

To my untrained ear it sounds as good as some much more expensive instruments!”

Peter B. (Review paraphrase for size)


I’ve played guitars for the last 15 years and for the price it’s insane how well this instrument sounds. It has nothing to envy to guitars in the range $800-$1500.

It’s perfect!!! Thanks Godin and Canada for being so awesome!”
Paul R. (Review paraphrased for size)


“The guitar is superb…. I’ve been playing a Fender as my entry-level guitar, and wanted to upgrade without breaking the bank…

It has a great tone, and I found the slightly wider nut much easier to fret. It is slightly smaller than the Fender dreadnought, but that was a very pleasant surprise…

…I found the Seagull much more comfortable to play. Excellent quality, great sound, and NOT made in China.”

Mered (review paraphrased for size)


“This is a very simple guitar….but made with quality Canadian wood materials by a highly respected Canadian guitar manufacturer (I believe that Godin is the owner of Seagull)

I purchased this as my first acoustic guitar based on a lot of internet research. For the price, I am very pleased with the build quality and sound from this guitar. …this seems like a great option for an entry level acoustic guitar.”

Walty (Review paraphrased for size)